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Acoustic Trauma with Sammy Dee

We just spun knobs while Sammy played around. Strat through the Acoustic Trauma into a Fender 4x10 Deville.

Cool Preamp
Hot Preamp w/ Gate
Hot Preamp w/ Gate
Hot Preamp sweeping EQs
Cool Preamp sweeping EQs
Cool Preamp getting peaky
Hot Preamp

Acoustic Trauma with Terry Kishiyama of Interstate Stash Express

Les Paul driving Acoustic Trauma into a VOX AC50.

Acoustic Trauma Terry #1
Acoustic Trauma Terry #2

These are the example settings from the manual, samples courtesy of David Snider.

Mild Clear Overdrive

Warm and Bright

Bass and Treble Assault

Dark and F*ing Loud

Hearing Killer

Wish You Were Here


Punchy Overdrive


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