It's been about six weeks since the initial release of METRON.  Since then, we have found a few little bugs and housekeeping items that we wanted to address asap. 

Please check out the readme before installing the firmware and then get back to making some tunes!


METRON v1.1 Changelog

-Per track swing settings now clear on startup.
-Certain settings of microtiming could stop external clock from functioning. Fixed.
-File names were "VARXX.WMD" naming starting at 00. They are now "XX.WMD" starting at 01.
-100% gates did not work with per track swing. Fixed.
-Single track view did not always select correct track. Fixed.
-Triplet Rolls and Triplet Roll Record would sometimes skip steps. Fixed.
-Init settings was not initializing Roll patterns. Fixed.
-LOOP on odd lengths would sometimes repeat the first step. Fixed.

We have changed the way that files are named. Be sure to check out the readme for instructions on how to rename your files so the sequencer can see them!
- We accidentally left the legacy file namedfrom development. This was a complete mistake and we are sorry to have to ask you to manually change filenames however, it is the cleanest most effective way to get it done. We will not have to change the way file names are saved again.