Blemished and B-Stock Sale – WMD

Blemished and B-Stock Sale

BLEMISHED - Sometimes we get panels in from our supplier that aren't quite up to our aesthetic quality standards and we have to set fully built and tested modules aside as we'd rather not have them make it to our dealers for someone to receive.

Blemishes include small scratches, dents, printing and registration errors.  We have decided to put them up on this section of our website for a discount right around 15%, give or take a few bucks here and there.

B-Stock - Just like panel blemishes, occasionally we get PCB from our suppliers that have a small electrical issue upon arrival.  These are usually a lifted pad or bad trace.  Unfortunately, these defects cannot be detected until testing, after the module is fully built. 

The fix is almost always replacing a bad trace in the PCB with a bus wire connection on the back of the module.  We are confident that any modification we make is just as strong as any other module we sell but the PCB just isn't as pretty.

Make sure to check the pictures out to see what you are getting.  Some of these blemishes are virtually unnoticeable but we did our best to take close up pictures of each module that didn't pass our standards.

All modules will have the same warranty we always offer, and are guaranteed to function 1000%.

First come, first serve basis on these and once they are gone, they are gone.