WMD "Arp-Deco" Arpitecht inspired T-Shirt

WMD "Arp-Deco" Arpitecht inspired T-Shirt


The WMD Arpitecht Eurorack Module house some of our favorite graphics to date of all of our modules.  Functional and intuitive yet surprisingly art deco.  

This T-shirt uses a combination of the Keyboard layout from the Arpitehct and the header of our website, WMDevices.com, to create a cool graphic that we want to wear!

Digitally printed on a 4.5 ounce ringspun Avil shirt stock, the design sits right in the threads of the T-shirt, making it one of our most comfortable shirts yet!

Nice fit and a cool design.  Represent WMD in style with the Arp-Deco T-shirt!